To ensure the efficiency and success of our shoppingI offer a 30-minute style consultation at no charge to determine a package tailored to your needs. 



This is a profile/questionnaire that you complete before our initial consultation to help guide our session.  Understanding your lifestyle, your budget, your wardrobe needs, and your shopping “personality” allows me to create a rewarding and efficient customized experience.



*Abbreviated Closet Review: This 60-minute appointment is best for those who are short on time.  I come to your home or office and review a few of your favorite items from your closet in order to identify your style and create your customized shopping strategy.

*Seasonal Closet Review: This is a 4-hour piece-by-piece review of your existing wardrobe in which we will consider which items should be kept, which may need alteration, and which have lost their utility.  Some of the criteria I use to make these determinations are:

*Is the piece current or dated?

*Does it integrate well with other garments that you already own, as well as those you may purchase?

*Does the piece fit you well? Does the color compliment your skin and hair color?

*Is it still suitable for your lifestyle and age?

*What is the condition of the piece?

Once your wardrobe has been edited, I can show you how to create new outfits with your existing garments and accessories, using combinations that you may have never considered.


SIGNATURE STYLING  Approximately 3 hours, by appointment

Frequently, we’ll discover that a few specific additions are necessary to update and maximize your wardrobe, to enhance and develop your personal style.  We’ll select destinations with your image, your needs, and your budget in mind. At that point, you can determine if you want to shop with me, or if you want me to find pieces and bring them to you. Or, I will pre-shop so you arrive to a dressing room full of clothing selections.  During this process, you’ll come to understand what compliments your style, coloring, features, and proportions, as well as how to recognize it quickly on the rack.


SPECIAL OCCASION SHOPPING  Approximately 3 hours, by appointment

You have a special occasion that you need an outfit for – an interview, wedding, presentation, television appearance, photo shoot, etc.  We can either shop together or if you are short on time, I will pre-select items to ensure an efficient, enjoyable experience. At the end of this appointment  you will have the perfect outfit for your special occasion.



It’s natural to gravitate toward your comfort zone, buying more of what’s already in your closet.  As a “Wardrobe Advocate”, I’m like the friend who will give you the “you don’t need any more black pants” speech.  My experience in editing and creating unique collections for a diverse range of customers has made me very good at helping you champion your own style without forcing my own on you. I’ll help you to branch out of your usual routine, and will encourage you to try things that you may have passed by. I’ll make sure you understand what’s a great investment, and what’s just not worth it.  I’m honest about what’s flattering and what’s not.  I’ll respectfully encourage you try new things while giving you the confidence that you’re taking informed risks with your wardrobe. I work for you, and my recommendations are based on your individual needs.



Your new pieces and those from your existing wardrobe are integrated at this stage.  We’ll put together looks including accessories.  I’ll photograph them for you and email them to you for future reference.  It makes getting dressed incredibly hassle-free.  It’s a hands-on education in the secrets of style.



The best compliment you can give me is to refer me to someone who can benefit from my services.  For every referral you present who becomes a client, you will receive $75 off the price of your next service.



Purchase a gift certificate for two hours and get 30 minutes for free. That’s two and a half hours for the price of two hours.  If you, or someone you love, have always wanted professional fashion advice, help with purging a closet, or personal shopping, a styling gift certificate is the most thoughtful present you can give![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_empty_space height=”75px”][vc_custom_heading text=”Accessories are the best way to put the “wow“ in your style statement. Accessories are to clothes what frosting is to a cupcake….it’s amazing how you can transform an outfit by changing up the “toppings“!

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